PROCESS | Toyota

I was asked by Toyota to create a series of illustrations that embraces the brands "Let's Go Places" spirit, while celebrating black identity. The outcome was a collection vibrant illustrations that reflect the black millennial woman, living her best life and remaining true to herself. 

This project was a really big deal for me. Having the chance to collaborate with such an established brand was such a blessing. Getting total creative control to create whatever I saw fit made this project even more enjoyable. 





PROCESS | R29 Unbothered

I was commissioned by Refinery 29 to create Illustrations for their Instagram account @R29Ubothered. The platform was created and made for black millennial women, celebrating the beauty, strength, and power within the community. I was asked to illustrate Toni Morrison, Nina Simone + Marian Anderson to celebrate their legacy and birthdays during the month of February. I accompanied each illustration with phrases that directly relate to the work of each women. 

This project was really exciting for me since Refinery 29 has always been one of my dream clients. I greatly admire the work of the R29 Design team, so It was mind blowing that they reached out to me and asked me to be apart of this project.

Looking forward to sharing more upcoming projects with you all! xx


Purp Alert | February 2018


01 Darius X Moreno - I’ve been wondering who the artist was behind GoldLink's cover art for the longest, and I finally came across his work. dive in to his very intriguing detailed portraits here. 

02 Moschino - Watching Moschino’s F/W 18 show was like seeing my illustrations come to life. Can rainbow bodies please become a thing?!  

03 Maxhosa - A modern twist on traditional African textiles, using contrasting patterns & colors in the most interesting finishes. I need a piece in my wardrobe ASAP!

04 Rinny Riot - Think old 70s posters highlighting black women, but illustrating the thoughts of the modern millennial. This Instagram page is pure genius

05 Dion Lee - This is the probably most wearable runway show I’ve viewed in a while. I could easily see myself strutting down the street in pretty much every look. Definitely wardrobe goals.