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PROCESS | Jade Purple Brown Identity


Near the end of last year I knew it was time to come up with new branding. I needed something that represented me as an art director/graphic designer with a unique point of view. My current logo design lacked functionality. I wanted to create something new a and fresh that had a timeless feel, while still capturing the fun and vibrancy of my designs.  

Past Logos

Here's a look of my logos over the years. The firs one was design by friend, and then roommate, Brittany Parshall. At the time I was going for a look that was trippy and very "tumblr girl" but i soon learned that I needed something that was a bit more clean, and serious.

That brings me to the second design. This one features simple typography with a dynamic purple paint stroke. I've had this logo for the longest, because it worked well with both my resume and website, but after awhile I started to realize that it didn't capture the true essence of my style. 

The third design, is also the last logo I was using. Its sort of a hybrid between the 1st and 2nd logo. It's very fun a playful with the use of texture and color, while still remaining very structured and professional by my choice of typography.While this logo works beautifully in color, it just doesn't look well in black and white. Functionality is very important when it comes to design so I knew I had to come up with something new. 

Mood Board


I wanted the the new look and feel to be experimental, vibrant, and editorial. I'm aiming to attract fashion, beauty, and culture based companies that embrace new technologies and social media. Companies that believe is experimentation, and self expression. The mood board I created contains things that have inspired me over the years, along with colors, textures, and motifs that I wanted my new branding to reflect.

Pattern Experimentation

Since I wanted my logo to be very clean and not contain color, I decided to create a playful pattern that could accompany it. I was looking to use the pattern for my website landing page, business cards, and my resume.  I created over 15 patterns until I landed on the right one. You can check out a couple of my failed attempts above. 

jade purple brown
jade purple brown.jpg
jade purple brown

And here's the final result! Experimental, fun, and professional all in one.