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PURP ALERT | January 2016


Welcome to the Purp Alert. A monthly edit of fascinating finds I discover on the internet. I'll be highlighting anything from emerging artists, entrepreneurial advice, to things that make me laugh. If it inspired me, or helped me get through the month, you'll see it here.  Let's get started! 

kim michi_jade purple brown

Kim Michi 

I've been itching for a new tattoo lately and I'm really taken by Korean artist, Kim Michi style. Something about the combination of clean line art and pop culture references draws me in. You can check out more of her work on her Instagram

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My Diet is Going to Shit

The only thing harder than eating healthy is pretending to eat healthy. Here's a snapshot of my January food diary. #NEWYEARNEWME

klaus is koming_ jade purple brown

Klaus Is Koming

I've been following Klaus on Instagram for awhile now and I cant get enough of her work. She combines the challenges censorship and her fascination for vintage pornography to create the most interesting color coated collage work in the game. And she just had a show in London, I wish I had the chance to experience. You can check out her work here

Don't worry be happy bih!

I don't think I could've started the year off with any better advice than this. See the video here since I can't embed for some reason. 

abra_ jade purple brown


I've been grooving to Abra non stop for the last couple of weeks. I'm absolutely in love with her lyrics, production, and her overall style. You can tell she's remaining true to herself and doesn't try to put on a huge show like a lot other R&B/Pop artists that are out right now. Check out one of my favorite tracks from her album "Roses" above. 

neon cowboys_jade purple brown
neon cowboys_jade purple brown

Neon Cowboys

I had quite the obsession with cowboy hats and western wear in general last summer, and now it continues with Neon Cowboys. Neon Cowboys ias a lifestyle brand that specializes in Neon cowboy hats that glow in the dark! The hat includes 3 different light settings: solid, blinking and flashing. You can check out all the different colors they carry here.