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PROCESS | Missleding - Xhosa

jade purple brown_xhosa_missleading

Last time  I worked with Brooklyn based artist,  Xhosa was for her single  "Feel Real", now I'm back again with art for her latest EP "Missleading".

The title Missleading is play on words that critiques what Xhosa believes she is capable of as a young woman, while solidifying her presence as a leader. Wanting to convey a sense of mystery, the album art shows an illusive profile submerged in a vibrant colors (purples, blues & reds representing leadership) creating imagery that is very abstract yet very bold and refined. 

jade purple brown_xhosa

Here's the moodboard that Xhosa and I created before starting the design process. The vibe that Xhosa wanted the art to reflect was mysterious, illusive, bold & futuristic.

jade purple brown_xhosa_missleading