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PURP ALERT | February 2016


Welcome to the Purp Alert. A monthly edit of fascinating finds I discover on the internet. I'll be highlighting anything from emerging artists, entrepreneurial advice, to things that make me laugh. If it inspired me, or helped me get through the month, you'll see it here.  Let's get started! 


Samantha Urbani - U Know I Know

Samantha Urbani takes us into a dream-like community living space, to visit with her household of roommates and watch her travel through her surrealistic morning routine. Transforming from a hopelessly sad and bedridden self, to a tough and protected self, with the help of her companions and self exploration. Watch it above! 

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Polly Nor

Polly Nor is a North West London illustrator who creates honest works that unabashedly show off real girls in their personal space. Her highly sexualized illustrations tackle issues of gender, equality, and female sexuality. You can check out more of here work here

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

This month has been very hard for me. I've been stressed out trying to juggle my job, my freelance work, and personal life. I've been going a bit crazy, but watching psychologist, Ralph Smart on YouTube has helped me out tremendously. His motivational videos cover topics like how to create with your thoughts, and how to stop absorbing other people's energy. He's even got this chicken & waffle lover considering a vegan diet. Pretty Powerful! Check out his videos here

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Lori Hersberger

Being the color freak that I am, I was instantly drawn to Swiss artist, Lori Hersberger. He studied video art and sculpture, and his undogmatic choice of various media and materials became the distinctive mark of his work. I especially love his light works. Check out his portfolio here

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Nikao Jewels

Nikao offers luxury 18k gold plated pieces that are inspired by the designers culture, experiences and travel. Each piece makes a huge statement by provoking a reaction of surprise and adornment. Check out her beautifully crafted jewelry here

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Ye Tweets

Love or hate him, there's been a lot of #majorkeyalerts in Kanye Wests recent Twitter rants, and the tweet above is definitely one of them.