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2016 was a really odd year for me. When I look at the goals that I wrote down for the year, I feel like I've accomplished everything and nothing at all. Moving to New York and getting a job in fashion has been on my list for 2 years and I actually accomplished them in 2016! 

But many of my goals were left unaccomplished, due to comparing myself to others and letting self doubt slowly trickle into my life. Instead of looking inward and focusing on myself I chose to turn my attention to what others were doing, but THAT SHIT ENDS NOW. 

In 2017 I will make steps toward my goals and focus on my personal and artistic development. This means keeping a distance from social media, experimenting more with my art, working with new businesses, and taking time do things that make me happy with the people I love. 

I hope we all have a very productive 2017 and keep focused on the things we hope to achieve. 

Much Love,