Jade Purple Brown


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Everything In Time

jade purple broen

For some reason I've been extremely attracted to the color pink. I've been buying pink clothes and shoes, and for my newest painting I choose it for the main color palette. I definitely wanted to do something bright and fun this time around, since the last painting I completed was more serious with a lot of natural tones. 

This 21 x 36 inch acrylic on wood, took me 2 weeks to complete. It normally takes me a lot longer, but I was so excited to work on something new, I started waking up early to paint before work. This painting symbolizes working towards something, and things not going exactly as planned. The pieces don't seem to be fitting together at first, but as time goes on you begin to see how everything was really working together the entire time, creating something more beautiful than you originally envisioned. 

I'm dedicating the rest of the year to developing my painting style and building a collection of work that represents my vision as an artist. So stay tuned for more progress and new pieces. 

jade purple brown
jade purple brown