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Purp Alert | July 2017


Welcome to the Purp Alert. A monthly edit of fascinating finds I discover on the internet. I'll be highlighting creatives in all fields that inspire and challenge me to get better at my craft.

Barkley hendricks_jade purple brown
Barkley Hendricks_ jade purple brown
barkley hendricks_jade purple brown

Barkley Hendricks

Barkley Hendricks is a contemporary painter best known for his beautiful portraits of black people and culture. I sadly am just learning about his work because of his passing a few months ago. Since discovering him his empowering messages and his complexity of his body of work has truly inspired me. You can learn more about his work here.

coco daves_jade purple brown
coco davez_jade purple brown

Coco Davez

Based in Madrid, Coco Davez paints minimal portraits of iconic figures in different primary hues. the simplicity of her painting wows me every time, and dream of having a beautiful studio space like hers. You can check out more of her work on her Instagram.



miranda makaroff_jade purple brown
miranda makaroff_jade purple brown

Miranda Makaroff

Screaming confidence, style, and quirky fun, Miranda Makaroff is becoming one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. Born in Barcelona, Miranda is a Painter, Fashion Designer, DJ, and actor. I fell in love with her hyper-colorful outfits, and the pure guts to be completely herself in all mediums. You must check out her Instagram and clothing line

atelier turqoise_jade purple brown
atelier turqoise_jade purple brown

Atelier Turquoise

Atelier Turquoise was created by a mother & daughter duo that share the same love for all things color and ceramics. Their goal is to bring happiness to peoples home and dinners through their handmade designs. You can shop the full range of tableware here

mosieur l'agent_jade purple brown

L’Officiel paris, Bouquets de fragrances

I love checking Monsieur l'Agent to see new work that the agency has produced. When I came across an editorial & film for L'official Paris and was blown away. The project highlights different floral perfumes in the most intriguing way. Check out the full project here