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Stick to the Plan

Jade Purple Brown

2018 has already started with a bang! I’ve began working on so many exciting projects this month, that I can’t even begin to imagine what the rest of the year will bring.

I believe the sudden surge in freelance clients has a lot to do with my new and improved mindset. This year I made the conscious decision to make my art a priority, and really work on personal development.

This means being more consistent in creating and sharing my work. Rather it be an illustration, painting, or digital work, my goal Is to expand the “JPB” world with each piece I make. It’s also very important for me to take personal time to do things that make me happy + protect my mental health.

Right now everyone is filled with hopes and dreams that slowly fizzle out mid February, but this year I’m going to make things happen for myself. I’m no longer wishing, I’m just doing.