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Purp Alert | January 2018


Welcome to the Purp Alert. A monthly edit of fascinating finds I discover on the internet. I'll be highlighting creatives in all fields that inspire and challenge me to get better at my craft.


01 CHRISTINE HAHN - This photographer is more like a magician. Her images are filled with fantasy and theatrics, and I'm always excited to see what she'll produce next.

02 DAVE TOWERS - A master typographer who flawlessly creates masterpieces with thick marker strokes. Once you watch one of his process videos, you'll get hooked.

03 STUDIO PROBA - She's an Art Director for Nike and creates the coolest conceptual rugs ever. I've fallen in love with her aesthetic and ability to design in a variety of different mediums. 

04 MONICA RAMOS - I admire this Filipino illustrators use of texture and the curvy elongated bodies She's able to walk the line between playful an refined which is something that really interests me.

05 PIMP MY MAG - I've been following Paola on Instagram for a while now, so seeing her growth has been amazing. I love how she's able to transform images and give them a totally different feeling. She's definitely one to watch.

06 MONOGRAM - I've been collecting vintage t-shirts since I was a teen, so I instantly fell in love with Monogram when I discovered them. They create vintage inspired t-shirt that have beautiful & thoughtful designs that that make graphic designer like me swoon.