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Personal Project Turned Paid Gig


The number one question I always receive is “How do I get client work?” and my answer is always by working on personal projects! That’s exactly how this limited-edition chip bag came all about.


Stacy’s carefully selected six artists to create limited edition Stacy’s Pita Chip bags that reflect a phase in the Rise – their vision for the unique journey women business founders take towards achieving success. Each limited-edition bag comes with a signed print from the artist!


When I was contacted for this project, they pulled the 2 digital collages above for the direction they wanted to see the bag design to go in. I created these 2 pieces just for fun! In the past I used to create digital collages all the time, but now that my style is more developed, I wanted to see how I would take it to the next level. Plus, this was the perfect project to work on in between paid projects/while waiting on client feedback.

If I didn’t take the initiative to work on a personal project, I never would’ve got this paid gig. If you create high quality self-initiated work on a consistent basis, the clients will come. You’ll start to form a full collection of work that shows a clear vision of your style and ability. From there, clients will know exactly how your work could translate to their own company initiatives.


You can head to Stacy’s Website to learn more about this amazing collaboration and claim your limited-edition bag today!